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WELCOME TO:AliqiquFinancial

01About us

Is it possible in the era of new technologies and achievements to ignore such a niche in our evolution as agribusiness? Perhaps someone will object, saying, «What's new?». We are ready to give an exhaustive answer!

Please note how many innovative solutions and interesting initiatives are occurring today. Yes, many of them are on the surface! — They are not getting to a wider audience with a revelation or sensation.

However, more detailed research of the question, which we are studying by the occupation, gives us the right to hope for truly revolutionary and truly positive changes in agribusiness.

One day we assembled a cohesive team of associates, including
the true professionals, competent not only in strategic financial
planning but also in the field of bioengineering, genetics, agronomy.
We were alsoinvolved to cooperation leading investment mentors funds
that have made possible the beginning of a really interesting and important
stage for our country.

  • invested 16043076.84$
  • paid out$ 11945231$
  • Total users 4854633
  • Users on-line878

02“Aliqiqu Financial is:

  • We started more than 50
    "start-ups" which proved
    its right to life

  • Real production sectors
    with our help more than
    200 millions dollars
    were attracted

  • We became organizers of 6
    largest thematic exhibitions
    during which was obtained
    invaluable contacts with
    representatives of the European
    countries, and also Australia
    and the states of
    the Middle East were come


Your deposit:
  • Daily profit: 2.18USD
  • Total return: 10.9USD

  • 109% for 5 days
    min. deposit: 10USD
    max. deposit: 555USD
    accrual after 5 days
  • 150% for 30 days
    min. deposit: 10USD
    max. deposit: 55555USD
    accrual every day for 5%
  • 130% for 15 days
    min. deposit: 55USD
    max. deposit: 5555USD
    accrual every 5 days

06we accept:

You can be sure that we have this presentation does not represent only a demonstration of beautiful slides.

07Referral system

  • 10% from profit I plan
  • 10% from deposit II-III plan